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The South Bend Chocolate Company Voted Best Chocolate Shop in Indiana

December 18th - The South Bend Chocolate Company has recently been voted the “Best Chocolate Shop” in Indiana by Mental Floss. They produce over 500 products from handmade chocolates, crunches to fresh roasted coffee and more! These products are available in stores nationwide and through our company owned stores.

Mark Tarner, president of the South Bend Chocolate Company, “we are excited to be listed as one of the best chocolate shops in the United States. What’s behind our success is our irresistible products and outstanding customer service.”

Mental Floss is an online and print media company focused on millennials based in New York City. It draws over 20.5 million unique users a month.

The South Bend Chocolate Company has been in business for over 28 years. We have 12 company-owned stores and 3 franchise locations throughout Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. They recently opened a location in Carmel, Indiana and in 2020, we will have a new store in the Hilton Hotel in Elkhart, Indiana.